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Come out and support THE RAJ FOUNDATION!

Founder Raj Tribhuwan joins with community activist Malcolm Cho-Kee for a Gala Fundraising Lunchon on behalf of literacy and training programs for the blind and visually-impaired people of Guyana.

The Miracle of Technology

Written by Michelle Gonsalves Saturday, 31 March 2012 17:56

Visually-impaired Guyanese lives his dream in Canada – Comes home to teach others like him how to cope

IMAGINE being born with great talent and intelligence, and having your dreams and aspirations amount to nothing because you were faced with a serious visual impediment, and could not expand your horizons. Sadly, this is the fate many children are currently facing in Third World countries.

Raj Tribhuwan knows this only too well. Facing blindness since he was a toddler living at Enmore, East Coast Demerara, he’s battled against the odds to be well educated and to live an independent life.